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Bob Hruska, 29

Fall 2008, I was a mess scarred by both the economic down turn and reeling from a failed personal relationship. Also, the Big 30 was less than a year away and I needed a new challenge. I hit the gym for three months but still something was missing from my exercise routine. I contacted Sean Harley and Heath Murray of ITHINKFITGYM. They trained me at their Fit Camp with 300 style workout groups. Additionally, these top trainers worked on my diet as well as maximizing the benefits of taking dietary supplements. We took a threefold approach: burn fat with Chikara, build muscle with Eight Ball Whey 100 and increase lean muscle and reduce lactic acid built-up with Black Betas .

During the 12 weeks of fit camp: new muscles appeared and veins showed up everywhere. Exercising every day at ITHINKFITGYM meant I was surrounded by supportive people who made me feel positive about myself. The relationships I have established with my trainers and fellow fit camps members have changed my life for the better. I went from 190lbs to 169lbs while building muscle and am now the happiest I have ever been!

People constantly ask what is your fitness secret? I reply “it is no secret, only a sound diet, frequent exercise, and choosing to think FIT”!



21 Jan, 2015