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iThinkFit changed my life!

Julia Von Riesen reviewed ITHINKFIT THE GYM — 5 star
February 14 ·
“iThinkFit changed my life. A friend talked me into joining IThinkFit after I had tried numerous other ways to get back into shape after college. I joined in October 2015 and I can confidently say that by the next summer I was a different person. I saw changes in not only my body but also in my attitude. The trainers make it fun and easy to make goals and stick to them. In the time since I joined IThinkFit I have lost 30lbs of fat and packed on muscle. I have become strong, athletic, healthy, energized, and I have gained quite a few friends along the way. IThinkFit is the gym to join when you need motivators to help keep you accountable. The trainers and members are one of a kind and I can confidently say that they are a key part to the changes that I have made in order to feel like me again. I would highly recommend IThinkFit to anyone looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or just make some new friends with some fitness goals!”



22 Mar, 2017