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Taylor Cooprider

There is no other gym I would consider going to I absolutely love ITHINKFIT!

Caylee Messersmith

Best gym in town! The trainers are top notch and constantly motivating you to push yourself more (they know you can because each of them knows the members by name and what their capabilities are!). They really want you to make a lifestyle change and are constantly there to support you and to check in. The members are a close knit group and are very motivating during the classes! Can’t say enough great things about this place.


Best workouts at the best gym with the best trainers! I was given a custom diet on day one and lost 31 lbs in first 10 weeks!

Rachel Marie

The best gym in Omaha! Killer workouts, awesome trainers, and friendly faces!

Sarah Windlan

Game Changer!! Ithinkfit took me from exercising to eat what I want to now fitness as a lifestyle! It has truly changed my life for the better! I joined in July 2016 and since then with the help of trainer Shaun Hoover and the rest of the unbeatable staff I have competed in two fitness shows and will check a photo shoot off my bucket list in April of this year. The staff is the best around and the people are friends that have now become family. If you are looking for a change and a purpose like I was, this is your place surrounded by people that will motivate you to reach your goals!!


Tim-Nancy Kirkpatrick

Can’t imagine my life with out having IThinkfit The Gym to go to 5 out of 7 days a week!
I eat better, feel better and look healthier than I did 2 years ago. Never imagined I was going benefit the way I have…so thank you to all the fantastic trainers at the gym!

Kayla Thieman

Ithinkfit gym definitely changed my life and my views on “working out!” I originally signed up for a 4 week trial to help a friend get motivated to start a healthier life style and lose some weight. If you are not familiar with a gym and haven’t worked out in a long long time, stepping into a gym on your own can be very overwhelming. In 4 weeks I dropped 6 pant sizes and that was with not going as regularly as I had hoped to go due to family issues. When the 4 weeks were up I decided to sign up for the spring fit challenge. I could see definition begin in my arms and back. I had so much more energy, and felt confident in my own skin again. By the end of the 10 week challenge I was wearing a size 5 and x-sm shirts, something I hadn’t been able to do since I was in HS. I always thought I worked out hard, but I was completely wrong and that was made clear to me after joining ithinkfit. They push you past the limit you think you have. The body is a powerful thing and your mind will give up before you body will. The trainers take pride in their work and strive to teach you how to “work out” properly. The gym quickly became a major part of my life. I would fein for it, couldn’t wait until my next workout. The other members and trainers begin to feel like family. Everyone wants to see you succeed. I can honestly say that I have never found a gym like it.



Julia Von Riesen

IThinkFit changed my life. A friend talked me into joining IThinkFit after I had tried numerous other ways to get back into shape after college. I joined in October 2015 and I can confidently say that by the next summer I was a different person. I saw changes in not only my body but also in my attitude. The trainers make it fun and easy to make goals and stick to them. In the time since I joined IThinkFit I have lost 30lbs of fat and packed on muscle. I have become strong, athletic, healthy, energized, and I have gained quite a few friends along the way. IThinkFit is the gym to join when you need motivators to help keep you accountable. The trainers and members are one of a kind and I can confidently say that they are a key part to the changes that I have made in order to feel like me again. I would highly recommend IThinkFit to anyone looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or just make some new friends with some fitness goals!

Marci Mackie

I always speak highly of iThinkFit Gym!! i have so much respect for Sean and Heath and the way they train and run their gym. I LOVE the classes at iThinkFit! The workouts are great, challenging and you may find it harder then what you currently do in the gym. I know that when i want to get lean the first place i think of is iThinkFit. It goes beyond just a workout, you are given a team, people that you see at every class, a group of people that are motivated and ready to make changes. I think this is the one thing that i found most attractive and addicting about the gym. I wanted to go every chance i could.

they offer quite a few classes and a more challenging womens class called athena! I would say it is def worth your money and that you will want to stay longer then the ten weeks!!!

Heath Murray

My name is Heath Michael Murray co-founder of ITHINKFIT GYM and personal trainer. Being in great shape has not always been the case for me. It has been a long and very hard road. In Sept of 2004, during a recreational game of flag football, I completely blew out my left knee. I tore my ACL completely and also severely tore my MCL and LCL as well as cartiledge. I was completely devastated. Due to the fact that I had no medical insurance, I was forced to wait until March of 2005 to have reconstructive knee surgery. By the time of the surgery I was in terrible shape because depression had set in and physical activity was very difficult to perform.”

Bob Hruska

Fall 2008, I was a mess scarred by both the economic down turn and reeling from a failed personal relationship. Also, the Big 30 was less than a year away and I needed a new challenge. I hit the gym for three months but still something was missing from my exercise routine. I contacted Sean Harley and Heath Murray of ITHINKFITGYM. They trained me at their Fit Camp with 300 style workout groups. Additionally, these top trainers worked on my diet as well as maximizing the benefits of taking dietary supplements. We took a threefold approach: burn fat with Chikara, build muscle with Eight Ball Whey 100 and increase lean muscle and reduce lactic acid built-up with Black Betas .

During the 12 weeks of fit camp: new muscles appeared and veins showed up everywhere. Exercising every day at ITHINKFITGYM meant I was surrounded by supportive people who made me feel positive about myself. The relationships I have established with my trainers and fellow fit camps members have changed my life for the better. I went from 190lbs to 169lbs while building muscle and am now the happiest I have ever been!

People constantly ask what is your fitness secret? I reply “it is no secret, only a sound diet, frequent exercise, and choosing to think FIT”!

Betsy Belmont

I started working out in January with Sean after seeing my friend Donette’s results. I was tired of “trendy miracle diets” that never worked for me, and wanted to work out with someone who really knew how to transform my body by creating a workout personalized just for me. Not only did Sean kick my ass in the gym he helped me shrink that ass by changing my eating habits too! I feel lighter both physically and emotionally and though it sounds cliché, a weight has literally been lifted off of my shoulders. Instead of lugging my old heavy self around, I only lug heavy shopping bags full of all of my new clothes!

James Clark

Before meeting Sean with I Think Fit, I was going to the gym on a regular basis but not seeing any real change with my body. Sean helped me find the direction I needed by setting dietary and fitness goals. I found the commitment I needed to achieve the body I wanted. After only 12 weeks I was able to lose 18lbs while gaining muscle and dropping 7% bodyfat! The workouts are always different which really helped me stay focused and made it something I truly look forward to doing everyday. The information I learned about diet and supplementation was easy to understand and follow, and will help me the rest of my life. With the results he has helped me obtain I have the drive to work harder, eat better and ultimately live a healthier life. Working with I Think Fit has given me a new confidence in the gym, my business and my personal life.

Kim Cox

I had always worked out but was at a point where I needed change. I was getting bored with my workouts and hit a plateau. I started with the Fit Camps, which I loved, then decided that I needed some personal assistance with my weight training. In a very short amount of time I was stronger and faster than ever. Sean and Heath at ITHINKFIT have taken a genuine interest in helping me reach my fitness goals. They know fitness and nutrition and can help you become your leanest and strongest that you’ve ever been!

My goal was to be able to do pull ups and have abs…. both accomplished in a short amount of time! I am more athletic than ever and they have given me a new meaning to I Think Fit!

Donette Smith

Last spring I was in a panic because my former band was invited to open for my idols, “Heart”, in Norfolk,NE. It had been almost 10 years since my band retired & and about as long since I worked out consistently. I was 44, out of shape, and unmotivated. I approached Sean and asked if it was even possible to look and feel fit in 6 weeks. He assured me that I could do it. Sean has an amazing way of making you want to do your best with positive encouragement. I worked out 2 times per week for 5 weeks and I was transformed! I felt confident to walk on that stage and perform for 4000 people.

Thank you, Sean! I couldn’t have done it without you!! Donette Smith