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Sean Harley

Fitness celebrity and the only IfBB Pro Mens Physique athlete in Nebraska, Sean Harley moved from Hollywood to Omaha in 2006 where he became a certified personal trainer and a member of the National Council on Strength and Fitness. Having trained side by side with professional models and fitness competitors, he applies that experience to help his clients, in Omaha and around the world.  Taking physiques to the next level through proper training and nutrition is something Sean not only coaches, but practices in his own life.
As an expert at preparing people to look their best for competitions, Sean focuses on winning in front of critical judges. He gives his “every day” clients the tools and techniques they need to make lifestyle changes that will help them to keep looking their best for years to come.  

Whether you want to look your best for a competion, wedding, vacation, or just get your physique in the best shape of your life, Sean Harley can teach you the most effective stratigies to get you there.

As a former college athlete, Sean also works with athletes of any sport to improve all desired metrics. Athleticism improvements in the areas of strength, speed, size, vertical jump, or whatever is important to you, are things Sean can address. Imagine the changes you can achieve in just one year of working with Sean!

Sean Harley has been working as a model in the commercial and fitness industries for over 10 years.  During this time he has appeared on numerous magazine covers and has been featured in countless magazine articles and catalogs all over the world.  As an actor, Sean has made appearances on soap operas such as “Young and the Restless” and “Passions” and has worked on music videos with stars such as Marc Anthony and Gene Simmons.  As 2009 male spokes-model for Bodybuilding.com, Sean flies all over the country making appearances with fellow fitness celebrities. Sean is frequently flown to Los Angeles for fitness modeling.  


Heath Murray

Heath has been a full time personal trainer for nearly 13 years. He began developing an interest for training and fitness as an athlete in high school, where he was a 4 sport standout. After high school, Heath attended college on a football and track scholarship, where he earned his Bachelors degree in Fitness and Sports Management, with a Math and Coaching Minor. After college, Heath worked in the fitness industry at 24 Hour Fitness, Cybotic Health Technologies, and Going Vertical. In 2001 he began his own personal trainining business inside of Going Vertical, a perfromance enhancement facility for athletes, in Omaha, NE. Heath has worked with a wide client base that has included college and professional athletes, pro bikini, pro figure, physique athletes and bodybuilders, national champion dance teams, cheerleaders, pageant contestants, commercial models, fitness models, and regular people trying to transform their physiques! He has used his expertise and field experience to help his clients find their inner motivation and power to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles!

Heath has conducted seminars on how to train and eat properly to obtain optimal health and transform your body. Through his knowlege and following Heath has co-founded iThinkFit.com iThinkFit Gym, and Rock Solid Nutrition! Heath has helped thousands of people just like you!


Mandy Palik

Sports and nutrition have always played a major role in Mandy’s life! Growing up she played soccer, ran track and was on dance team. After the birth of her child 5 yearsago, she began integrating more weight training into her fitness routine and saw her body change in ways it never had before! This fueled her passion and led to her becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and member of the National Council on Strength and Fitness. Previously, Mandy worked as a trainer and ran boot camps at another local gym. She is excited to join the IThinkFit team!

Mandy is very passionate and knowledgable about strength training, high intensity interval training and nutrition. She also strives to overcome the stigma that lifting weights will make women “bulky” by educating them about the many benefits of resistance training. Mandy has worked with a wide range of clients. From kids training for sports to elderly clients wanting to improve mobility and balance, prenatal and post-pregnancy clients as well as clients who have had recent back and knee surgeries or injuries. She is motivated by helping them achieve their goals through hard work and accountability. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she truly believes that she is capable of changing lives through fitness!

Peter Ray
Peter Ray

Being involved in athletics and fitness for most of his life, Pete has in one way or another been around the gym setting for as long as he can remember. Since graduating from Wayne State College with his degree in Exercise Science he has been training for the last 5 years working with anyone from the everyday working individual wanting to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle to youth and collegiate athletes and even professional athletes. Pete is a nutrition enthusiast and also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the most widely recognized and accomplished organization in the world, the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Prior to joining IThinkFit, Pete was running bootcamps, individual sessions, small and large group training as well as entire athletic teams. He has trained several nationally rank USA club volleyball teams and premier clubs, elite soccer and football clubs, dance teams and several collegiate teams around town including College of St. Mary’s volleyball and soccer as well as Bellevue Womens volleyball and Mens Soccer. Some of his highlights were training the Omaha Vipers Indoor Professional Soccer Team and several local NHL and NFL athletes as well as helping Omaha native Alfy Pettes to become the current USA record holder in the Indoor Masters 35+ 60 meter dash. Pete also had some athletic accolades recently being inducted into the Wayne State College Athletic Hall of Fame as well as being a National Champion in academics, being a member of the winning WSC 3 man team for the American College of Sports Medicine student bowl in 2009 against schools including the University of Oregon, Florida State University, the University of Connecticut and Cal State San Bernadino.

Joining the IThinkFit team back in 2011 has let Pete continue to help countless people reach their goals. Whether it be to lose weight, gain confidence, achieve new athletic heights or step on the fitness stage. Unlike some trainers out there, Pete has lived this lifestyle in both the athletic side of training (Collegiate Track) as well as the aesthetic side, stepping on the stage himself to win several local Men’s Physique shows and even go on to compete on the National Stage. Stop into the gym and see how he can help get you on the path to reach whatever goals you may have TODAY!!

jonathan ziegler

Jonathan Ziegler

My passion for fitness started when I took a weight training course during my junior year, I originally wanted to get stronger and faster to help my performance on my high school lacrosse team, but that transcended into a full-blown addiction to pumping iron. Once I had reached college, I declared my major in International Relations with the hope of being an ambassador to the United States, and studied history, philosophy, and mandarin Chinese, and all the while was keeping up with my love affair with the weights. It wasn’t until I studied a semester in Beijing that I realized politics wasn’t for me, and that my destiny was helping people with personal transformations in their health and fitness, just as I had done during the previous 4 years. After returning to the states, I enrolled myself at Vatterott College to pursue my degree in personal fitness training. Their program was highly recommended with a very high success rate after graduation. The fifty week program flew by, and got a job at Ithinkfit, which I had my heart set on before I even started school.  I have worked at Ithinkfit for over 2 years now, and couldn’t picture a better gym to work for. My fellow trainers and I are knowledgeable and eager to help with whatever your goals might be, and the love for being a better version of yourself shared by the members is unparalleled and makes ithinkfit a truly a one of a kind gym. Let me help you achieve your fitness goals through education, motivation, and inspiration!

Alyssa Mueller

Alyssa Mueller

Health and fitness has always played a huge roll in my life. I grew up watching and playing sports. I went to college to play softball and got an education in health and science. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be until after I had my kids. I wanted to raise my family teaching them the importance of a healthy active lifestyle, like I was taught. I started running half marathons and many other races with friends and family to stay motivated towards reaching my goals. But it never stops there, I decided I wasn’t happy were my body was and I wanted to put on more muscle mass so I started lifting weights, and instantly fell in love with the results and the process. I was drawn towards bikini competitions and competed in my first NANBF bikini show in 2016. Then In 2017 I won my IPE pro card and will continue to work for more. My love for fitness is to inspire and motivate others to live a healthy happy lifestyle, and to never give up.