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Two Gym Members Make It To The Fitness Stage!

Congratulations to iThinkFit Gym members Brandon Hilger and Betsy Belmont who can now cross one more item of off their bucket list! These two individuals have come a long ways and have both gone from overweight to bringing home metals at their first fitness show! Betsy has lost over 60 lbs since she first started her journey and she says there is no turning back. Brandon lost over 10% bodyfat during his contest prep and saw his abs for the first time in his life. Having the opportunity to train one-on-one with co-owner IFBB Pro Sean Harley has provided these two with a knowledge and a drive that they will be able to carry with them as they continue their fitness lifestyle for years to come. Whether your looking to take your body to a whole new level and compete in a contest or you’re ready to just take back control of your body and shred some unwanted bodyfat, come get the best training in town at iThinkFit Gym!

Brandon and Betsy



05 Nov, 2013